Floating ball valve

Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve

Floating ball valve is mainly characterized by the ball without support shaft, the ball is held by the two valve seat which is “floating” state, it is mainly used in pipelines to cut off, distribution and change the direction of media flow.
Floating ball valves are mainly characterized by seat seal design, reliable inverted seal valve stem, fire protection static electricity function, automatic pressure relief and locking device and other structural features.

Product information

NOPartsStandardStainless steelWeak acidLow temperature
2Seal ringFlexible graphiteFlexible graphiteFlexible graphiteFlexible graphite
3Seat ringASTM A276 420ASTM A182 F316ASTM A276 420ASTM A276 420
4BallASTM A276 420ASTM A182 F316ASTM A276 420ASTM A276 420
5Seal gasket316+Graphite316+Graphite316+Graphite316+Graphite
6BoltASTM A193 B7ASTM A193 B8ASTM A193 B7MASTM A320 L7M
7NutASTM A194 2HASTM A194 8ASTM A194 2HMASTM A194 4
9Spring seatASTM A276 420ASTM A182 F316ASTM A276 420ASTM A276 420
10Fire-proof metal gasket304304304304
11Anti-static springStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
12StemASTM A182 F6aASTM A182 F316ASTM A182 F6aASTM A350 LF2/ENP
13PackingFlexible graphiteFlexible graphiteFlexible graphiteFlexible graphite
17BoltASTM A193 B7ASTM A193 B8ASTM A193 B7MASTM A193 L7M
18Position cardANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025ANSI 1025
19RingANSI 1066ANSI 1066ANSI 1066ANSI 1066

Structural Features and Usages

1. The opening and closing and the opening extent is usually determined by the position of the wrench. When the wrench is parallel with the pipelines, the valve is at opening position; when vertical with the pipelines, the valve is closed.

2. Design 90° position plate and install lock when necessary, to prevent wrong operation.

3. Seat is designed with spring-loading metal seal, which separates the bottom of the seat from the inner wall of the body and leaves a space. When the ball presses at the seat surface, seat presses the bottom spring to get preload and make up. Therefore, this decreases the damage of seal surface.

4. Use T-type stem to prevent the stem blowing out due to the increase of the pressure of the cavity. Back seat is designed to ensure the packing seal. The valve is widely used in the pipes of food, pharmacy, petroleum, chemical, gas, steel, environment protection, paper to transfer the medium or cut it off.

Technical requirements

Design standardDesign standardAPI 6D, ASME B 16.34DIN 3357-1, EN 12516-1API 6D
End connectionASME B16.5, ASME B16.47DIN 2542-2545, EN1092, EN17292GOST 33259
Structure lengthAPI 6D, ASME B16.10DIN 3202ASME B16.10, GOST 3706
Test and inspectAPI 6D, API 598DIN 3230/3, EN 12266GOST 9544
Applied conditionsApplied mediumNatural gas, liquedied petroleum gas
Applied temperature-196℃~450℃
OperationWorm gear, Pneumatic, Electric, Pneumatic-hydraulic

Applicable standards

Steel ball valves: API 608/API 6D

Steel ball valves: ISO 14313

Fire safe: API 607

Anti static: API 608

Steel valves: ASME B 16.34

Face to face: ASME B 16.10

End flanged: ASME B 16.5

Butt welding ends: ASME B16.25

Inspection and test: API 598/API 6D

Available modifications

Trim change

End connection modification

Packing and gasket change

Operator mounting pad

Hand wheel extension

Pressure equalizing

Anti-static of Fire safe

Client specified coating

Weld end bore change

Oxygen & chlorine cleaning & packing

Designing Features of Floating Ball Valves

Fire Proof Seat Ring

When non-metal resilient seats are destroyed in a fire in factory, the upstream medium pressure pushes the ball into the downstream metal seal lip to cut off the line fluid and prevent the internal leakage due to a secondary metal-to-metal seals.

The fire proof design of all floating ball valves are designed according to API 607, and passed the fire test.

Anti-blow out stem

The stem is designed with integral T-type shoulder to provide blow-out proof effectively. It is internally inserted as the backseat function to assure stem sealing safety at all pressures.

Fire Proof Device

According to customer‘s request, ball valves can be designed as anti-static structure, that is, a spring is set between stem and ball, and stem and the ball, so that the electricity generated during the opening and closing of the valves is conducted through the electricity channel to the below the ground, diminishing the static. This prevents the lighter of static to burn the medium, and ensure the safety of the system.

Wrong-operation Prevention

For the valve installed outdoors, o easy to operate wrong, and in the condition that shocks heavily to make the hand wheel operates wrong, a lock hole is set where the valve opens and closes. If necessary, the valves will be locked to ensure safety.

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