Top entry ball valve

Top Entry Ball Valve

Top Entry Ball Valve

Top entry ball valve are widely used in oil and gas pipelines, and in installations for oil extraction, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, electric power, nuclear power, food and paper.
Top entry ball valve is easy and quick to dismantle on the pipeline, and easy and quick to repair.
When top entry ball valve fails in the pipeline and needs to be repaired, it is not necessary to dismantle the valve from the pipeline, just remove the center flange bolts and nuts, take down the valve cover and stem assembly together from the valve body, and then take out the ball and seat assembly. The ball and seat can then be repaired online. This repair saves time and minimizes losses in production.

Product information

NONameCarbon steelCryogenic carbon steelStainless steel
3NutASTM A194-2H/2HMASTM A194 4ASTM A194-2HM/8
4BoltASTM A193-B7/B7MASTM A320 L7ASTM A193-B7M/B8
5Gasket304+Flexible graphite
8Seat support ringASTM A105ASTM A182 LF2ASTM A182 F304/F316
9Seal ringRPTFE
10BallASTM A182-F6aASTM A182-F304ASTM A182 F304/F316
11Stem bearingSF-1

* Ordering Information: Top entry hard (soft) seal ball valves have different temperature levels, different use of media, please buyers must specify the use of temperature and media when ordering.

Product use

1. It is suitable for dam bottom air release valve and control valve (high flow rate state). Coal powder ash slag, suitable for liquid, solid two-phase mixing or liquid transport in the chemical reaction with crystallization precipitation or scaling of industrial pipeline transport. According to the customer required media, temperature requirements are different, the ball crown using chromium-platinum, vanadium alloy, valve seat surfacing chromium, molybdenum alloy, chromium alloy, stainless steel alloy to meet the needs of different slurry conveying.

2. applicable to the pump delivery system valves, such as pressurized systems, central air-conditioning systems, city heating and other stringent requirements of the system.

3. Suitable for tap water system, gas system, natural gas system, seawater, oil, alumina and other pipeline supporting facilities.

Product features

1. Small pressure loss: Water loss is zero when fully open, the flow path is completely free. Automatic cleaning of the inner cavity, the spool rotates 90 degrees, automatically flushing the inner cavity of the valve, the media in the debris clean and the media will not be deposited in the valve cavity. Top entry ball valve is hemispherical, circulation has the highest Cv value, enhance the pump system efficiency, and minimize abrasion.

2. particle abrasion: The use of the principle of double eccentricity in the closing process, only in the last moment the crown of the ball against the ball seat, without the formation of friction: and the valve seat on the sealing ring surfacing wear-resistant self-lubricating alloy is not easy to wear and not easy to be flushed. Knife-shaped ball port between the crown and the valve seat has a wipe cleaning and shearing effect, not easy to scale.
3. Automatic compensation sealing is reliable: It can keep lasting tight sealing and can adapt to harsh working conditions. Positive pressure, the use of the principle of eccentricity, the ball and the valve seat the more off the tighter, so as to get a good seal; counter-pressure, the floating seat under pressure, the seat automatically to the ball to push tight, the higher the pressure, the seat to the ball the tighter the pile, so as to get a good seal. In long-term use, the valve seat seal if wear and tear or damage, under the action of the spring valve seat automatically pushed to the ball, so as to get a good automatic compensation function.
4. Suitable for high-flow medium: Because the ball is hidden in one side of the valve cavity to form a straight flow path without flow resistance, strong eccentric fixed crankshaft, no vibration and no noise in the high-flow medium.

5. Long life switch easily: No wearing parts, due to the role of eccentricity, the valve opening and closing process of the ball and the sealing surface of the valve seat is completely disengaged, so that the surface of the valve seat and the crown of the sphere between the surface of the ball without abrasion to do the friction of the rotation, effectively reducing the operating torque torque, the operation of the light; valve’s automatic compensation function, extremely improve the life of the valve.
6. Maintenance is convenient: Top entry ball valve adopts the top-loading design, the ball crown and support ball body from the upper part of the valve into the maintenance only need to open the bonnet lifting out the ball crown and support ball body can be maintenance and sealing ring and other accessories, do not have to unload the entire valve from the pipeline, which gives the underground pipeline, especially the atomic energy industry, ball valves to bring extreme convenience.
7. Top entry ball valve in the maintenance operation at the same time can be appropriate to retain the medium in the pipeline, will not cause a waste of energy; this will eliminate the use of many of the preliminary auxiliary work, so that the maintenance has become more concise.
8. In some specific occasions, the valve in the repair period can not affect the normal operation of the pipeline system, as long as the removal of the ball assemblies after the rapid closure of the upper port can be immediately restored to the pipeline operation under pressure, so that the repair of the valve caused by the loss of benefits reduced to a minimum.

Technical requirements

Execution standard


Design and manufacture: API 6D, ASME B16.34, DIN 3357-1, EN12516-1


Inspection and test: API 598, API 6D,DIN 3230/3, EN 12266, GOST 9544


Flange connection: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, DIN2542-DIN2545,EN 1092, EN17292, GOST 9544


Structure length: API 6D, ASME B16.10, DIN 3202,GOST 3706

Designing Features of Top Entry Ball Valve

● Unique fireproof design enables the valve to effectively reduce leakage in case of fire and minimize fire damage.

The anti-static design can effectively release the static electricity generated by the friction during the switching process of the valve, avoiding the possible fire hazards brought by static sparks to the pipeline.

● For handle-operated valves, the head of the valve stem is in the form of a flat square so that the handle cannot change the direction of installation at will, thus making the handle have an obvious indication of the valve’s opening and closing, effectively preventing misoperation and ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline.

● For handle-operated valves with a lock structure, you can switch the valve position to prevent misoperation of the valve, ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline.

● The unique threaded seat structure of the top entry ball valve allows the valve seat to move freely in the valve body, and it is easy to dismantle the ball and seat after installing on the pipeline, which really realizes the online maintenance function.

● The new design concept of top entry ball valve reduces the sealing pressure of the valve seat, which makes the valve switch flexible, reliable sealing performance and long service life.

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